North Staffs Carers Association

A Young Carer is someone under 18, who looks after or shares the responsibility for the care of someone at home with an illness or disability. This could be a parent, sibling or grandparent.

The Musketeers Project supports Young Carers age 8-18 within the context of the family.

A Young Carer may be absent from school to look after the person they care for. Young Carers can often have difficulties with their educational development and require further support and understanding at school of their caring role.Lots of Young Carers don’t realise they are Young Carers so they never ASK.

Because of their caring role they may sometimes feel:

  • Worried about the person they care for
  • Sometimes they may feel a little lonely and think their friends at school don’t understand
  • They may have to do things or see things that might upset them
  • Tired as they may have to help in the night or can’t sleep
  • Sometimes they may feel that they are the only Young Carer and no one will understand

We work with the family to put into place positive action and interventions to minimise the impact of caring.

The Musketeer Project offers 1:1 support or group counselling service and a selection of activities to Young Carers to provide them with a break from caring and time to socialise with others in similar situation.


The Musketeer Project is here to help!!!!!