Pupil Premium

Last year, our school received a total of £109,560.00 funding for us to spend on enhancing our childrens learning experiences and impact on the progress that they make throughout their learning journey. Below is a summary of the impact of these strategies.

Strategy Cost Impact
School counsellor £7628.00 100% positive feedback from parents about service. Pupils expressed how much they enjoyed this service.
Whole school Assistant SENCO £22,125.00 This role within school continues to be crucial with regards to impact in supporting our most vulnerable families. This bespoke role allows the school to allocate the same person to families offering consistency and support through a quality service. The role continues to be hugely successful.
Whole school Senior Teaching Assistant to support learning £29,607.00 This role continues to demonstrate impact for targeted pupils in need of additional support across the school to ensure their progress toward their targets.
Visits/residential visits £10,250.00 We are proud of the wide range of educational visits and residential visits which we offer. We continue to support our families financially thought significant contributions using this money.
Further develop IT resources across the school to enrich learning £26,000.00 Ensuring that our pupils have access to quality, reliable IT equipment and software is crucial and is showing impact through the increased use of our IT resources, IT is now better used across the entire curriculum.
After hours clubs and extracurricular acitivities £5,000.00 The school offers a significant number of after-school clubs in a variety of areas. Money has been used to ensure that all pupils are able to access them. The school continues to monitor the cost of these. Through monitoring, we are now able to demonstrate that more of our more vulnerable families are accessing an enriched curriculum.
Improve the quality of reading materials available to all children £4,500.00 Quality texts have been purchased for our children to enjoy and this includes additional books for our library and brought-in interventions such as Read, Write Inc. Impact is clear within pupil progress.
Inviting parents to attend half-term workshops £4,000.00 Attendance continues to be strong each half term at our parent workshops. We have seen an increase in the number of PP families attending the workshops