Year 4 Home Learning


Hi Year 4! Our learning will now be on the new learning platform called ‘Seesaw‘. This is where I will be setting lessons and activities for you to do. If you’re having trouble with logging on, let me know. Remember that you will need your ‘Power Maths’ book at hand for Maths.

If you do not have a device to use for learning, there are activities below that you can do. Also, there are learning packs you can collect every Wednesday. Just pop me an email before you do so I can get that all ready for you.

Have a great week and keep in contact!

Mr Daniel and Mrs Jefferies-Willis




Contact us

We are keen to keep in touch with you and your child. We would love to hear what your child is doing at home and to see photos of your child playing games or of work completed. If you have any further questions about their home learning, please get in touch via the email address below.


Suggested daily timetable

9am – PE with Joe Wicks 

Find a safe space to get your day started with PE with Joe! Make sure you stay hydrated! Access it here.

9.30am – Maths on Seesaw or the correct pages in the Power Maths book for those without a device

10.15am – Have a well deserved break!

10.45 am – English on Seesaw or one of the English activities on the worksheet for those without a device

11.30 am – Education City

Log onto Education City and complete the activities on here.

11.50am –  Get yourself all ready for your lunch. Are there any household jobs that need to be done?

12pm – Lunchtime!

1pm – Topic lesson on Seesaw or complete one of the activities in the grid below for those without a device.

You could also do some of these maths code breakers over the week too (no cheating – don’t look at the answer page until you have solved it yourself!) Challenge 1, Challenge 2, Challenge 3

2pm – Have a read of your reading book. Relax and unwind.

2.30pm – Have fun on TT Rockstars. Can you gain more coins? Can you beat your last score? Can you answer the questions even quicker?

2.45pm – Free time! You deserve it.


Grid of activities (updated 31/5/20)


Take part in a White Rose Maths lesson daily. Then, complete the worksheets related to the maths topic on BBC Bitesize. 

Maths – Times Tables

Log onto TT Rockstars and practice your times tables. Good luck!

Maths – Revision

Have a go at the following Maths mats which will review the learning we have done so far. At the bottom of each page, there are stars. The more stars there are, the harder it is. Check your answers afterwards.

1   2   3   4   5

English – Reading

Read for 20 minutes every day. You could read your school reading book, a Big Cat book or a book from Epic Reading. When you have finished reading, tell an adult about what you have read.

English – Writing

Visit Pobble365 and take part in the activities. Firstly, look at the picture and answer the ‘Question time!’ questions. Work your way through ‘perfect picture’ (drawing activity), ‘story starter!’ (finishing off a story), ‘sentence challenge!’ (a punctuation and grammar activity) and ‘sick sentences!’ (spelling, punctuation and grammar activity).

English – Spelling

Have a go at these word searches that cover our Year 3/Year 4 statutory spellings! Have fun!

Get your word searches here!

English – Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Have a go at these SPAG mats that cover some of the important aspects of English we’ve done this year.

1   2   3   4   5


Let’s do some experimentation! Below are two experiments that you can do which covered ‘digestion’ and ‘sound’, two topics we have covered this year. Enjoy!

Digestion      Sound


See if you could learn the names of these body parts in French! Click here for the poster.


Try a Maths code breaker!

Challenge 1, Challenge 2, Challenge 3


The UK is made up of 4 countries. Can you name them? Log onto Google Maps and explore our country. Can you find 10 cities that you didn’t know of and can you find 5 rivers that we explored during our lessons in school?


Fancy competing against children from your own school and others across the city from your own home?  Go to the School Games icon under P.E on our Home Learning Suggestions each Monday to see the new challenge, click on the link in the document to reveal the challenge and to log your score. Any age can enter.  Good Luck!!