Hello Year 4!

We have now reached the Easter holidays where you have two weeks break. Now I know that this feels like a strange Easter break, but make sure you rest and recharge your batteries! As we have adjusted to a new way of learning over these past two weeks, you may feel a bit tired from it. I definitely feel that way! This is exactly why you need to rest.

My fun activity for you is to decorate a potato and sing this song! Send me a short video or photo of your decorated baked potato whilst singing the song which teaches us how to stay safe. Parents, I’m sorry in advance because you and your child will not stop singing it!

In her newsletter, Miss McCaffery put some lovely ideas that you could do during the Easter break. The focus is on having fun, relaxing and being creative. Below are the ideas:

  1. Star gaze.
  2. Make a story den to read in.
  3. Spot birds in the garden or out of your window.
  4. Take 5 minutes to mindfully breathe each day. The link to how to do is is here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh79w9pn9Cg
  5. Put music on and draw to the music. What does the music inspire you to draw?
  6. Sit quietly and listen to the sounds around you. Are they quiet or loud sounds? High or low? Manmade or natural?
  7. Spend 10 minutes watching the clouds. What shapes do they make? What animals do these shapes look like?
  8. Put some great music on and dance like nobody is watching!

I’ve definitely done number 8 a few times already!

You may also want to enter the Easter competition!

Can you make your very own Easter Egg in the theme of a story, character or movie? You could paint hard-boiled eggs or use art and crafts.

Can you make a lovely Easter bonnet? Perhaps your family could host their own bonnet parade!

Send a photo of your entry to the Year 4 email address. A winner from our class will be announced on the first newsletter back after the Easter break.

You might find that you want to continue with your routine that you have and continue to learn. That’s fine! Education City will be updated still, but the quantity of work will be reduced to encourage a bit of a rest!

As always, contact me using the class email address to say hi, ask me questions, or anything else!

Happy Easter!

Mr Daniel and Mrs Jeffries-Willis

Contact us

We are keen to keep in touch with you and your child. We would love to hear what your child is doing at home and to see photos of your child playing games or of work completed. If you have any further questions about their home learning, please get in touch via the email address below.


(Scroll to the bottom of the page to see some of the fun and hard work our children are doing at home)

Quick links

TT Rockstars

Education City

Ultimate Times Tables Year 4

Ultimate Times Tables Parent Guide


Suggested daily timetable

9am – PE with Joe Wicks 

Find a safe space to get your day started with PE with Joe! Make sure you stay hydrated!

9.30am – White Rose Maths learning


Find ‘Year 4’  and complete one of the lessons. It has a video to watch first to help you to understand and there is also an activity sheet you can print off. If you can’t print it off, write down your answer on a piece of paper. Afterwards, check your answers using the answer by clicking ‘get the answers’.

10.15am – Have a well deserved break!

10.45 am – Have fun on TT Rockstars. Can you gain more coins? Can you beat your last score? Can you answer the questions even quicker?


11.15am – Education City


Log onto Education City and complete the activities on here.

11.45am –  Get yourself all ready for your lunch. Are there any household jobs that need to be done?

12pm – Lunchtime!

1pm – Complete one of the activities in the grid below.

You could also do some of these maths code breakers over the week too (no cheating – don’t look at the answer page until you have solved it yourself!) Challenge 1, Challenge 2, Challenge 3

2pm – Have a read of your reading book. Relax and unwind.

2.30pm – Free time! You deserve it.


Grid of activities



Read for 20 minutes every day. When you have finished reading, tell an adult about what you have read.



Create a poster to show your knowledge of multiplication and times tables – include calculations, written explanation and pictures.



Invent a character for a story book & write a character description.


You could also draw the character or use junk-modelling to make the character.



Plan and write your own magical adventure story. Think Harry Potter!

Writing & Design


Draw and label a new design for Smallthorne School. Write a letter to Miss McCaffery persuading her to redesign the school and to choose your design.

All learning


Login to Education City & complete the learning tasks set


Also, complete the paper based activities set by your teacher

Reading & Art


Choose your favourite book.


Design a new front cover for the book and write a new title.


All learning


Login to a suggested website & use for at least 30 minutes every day.

Writing & Reading


Write a book review – include likes, dislikes, characters and a book rating.



Use TT Rockstar everyday & practise your times tables by writing them out on paper or listening to times table songs.


Practise your times tables from x1 to x12



Every day choose 5 spellings from your list. Use look, cover, write and check to learn them. Write a sentence which each of the 5 words in.



Design & Science


Be creative – draw, make or investigate the rock cycle. How will you present it?