Year 3 Home Learning


Hi Everyone
How is it all going?  Time is moving on quickly and I can hardly believe we are nearly at the end of the school year.
Thank you everyone who has been engaging in Seesaw activities – it’s been great to see all the effort you have been sharing with me.  Thanks also, for picking up the Power Maths books – how are you liking them.  I think they’re really nice to work from with lots of information to help.  Best of all, you can mark your own work!
Now for a few mentions –
  • Thanks Dominik for sending a film of counting in Spanish – you have an amazing accent there Dominik.
  • Well done Charlie, Sam, Annabel and Chioma for excellent maths.
  • Thanks Holly for super chicken, dog and cats pics – they have kept me smiling this week.  Oh – and your work too – great.
  • Dominik – Super Learner of the week.
  • Holly – SeeSaw Champion
Who will get the certificates next week?  🤔
Keep going all of you.
Take care and stay safe.
Mrs Lewis

Year 3 Daily Routine Suggestions.

Before 9.00am Wake-up Breakfast & get dressed
9-9.30am You gotta move – it!  Exercise
– where possible
– walking
9.30 – 10.30am Let’s Learn Maths – see below

You could also do some of these maths code breakers over the week too (no cheating – don’t look at the answer page until you have solved it yourself!) Challenge 1, Challenge 2, Challenge 3

10.00 – 10.30am (each Wednesday)

10.30 – 11.00am

Go to Topic on Home Learning Suggestions

And . . . Stop

Join in the Safe + Sound fire safety workshop live

Have a drink, a snack, some time out.

11.00 – 11.30am Let’s Learn English
11.30am – 1pm Lunch time
Free time
Finish off your activity and get ready for your dinner! Exercise
1.00- 1.30pm Quiet time  Reading – choose a book from home or a book from Big Cat, Epic or Nessy.
1.30 – 2.30pm Let’s create  Choose a Geography, History or Science over the week. See below
2.30 – 4pm Get even more creative  Your turn to decide – create something from Lego, draw or paint a picture, find some pebbles and create some stone art, work on your garden or measure the plants that you have grown and draw them. Create a diary. Baking and cooking. Whatever it is – be active and creative


Grid of activities (updated 24/4/20)


– PE with Joe
– Try Go Noodle –
– Super movers –


Have a look at the white Rose for money
Practise Times tables – TTRockstars.

– choose an image and an activity. Follow this through for the rest of the week –
– choose 3 or 4 spellings from the Y3/4 list and practise with an activity below.
– Research the rainforest & choose activities from here
– can you continue research on the Stone Age, can you design your own shelter
– investigate the water cycle. Can you draw your own diagram to explain it?
– 30 day challenge or design something of your own. Check out google images.
– write a diary, create a piece of art work, rock art, land art (research Andy Goldsworthy for ideas). With a grown up – use a recipe, make it, taste it, share it!
7 spelling activities

click here to view the activities


Fancy competing against children from your own school and others across the city from your own home?  Go to the School Games icon under P.E on our Home Learning Suggestions each Monday to see the new challenge, click on the link in the document to reveal the challenge and to log your score. Any age can enter.  Good Luck!!