Hello Year Two.
I can’t quite believe we have reached the Easter holidays. You have worked so hard up until this point and I want you all to know how proud I am of the progress you have made so far!

Please take this time to relax and enjoy yourselves. I will not be updating any of our online learning platforms over the next two weeks. It would be amazing if you could continue to read once a day to keep those reading brains in check but this is the very most I want you to do. I will be relaxing over the next couple of weeks too, recharging my batteries ready for an energised start after Easter. I will however continue to check our class email address in case any of you need a little natter!

If you fancy getting creative over the Easter holiday Miss McCaffery has set up some competitions:

The first is an Easter bonnet competition. Make or decorate a bonnet and then send the pictures of your creations over to our class email year2@smallthorneprimary.org.uk

The second is an Easter Egg Making competition. The idea is to make your very own Easter egg in the theme of a Nursery Rhyme, Storybook, character or Movie. You could paint a hard boiled egg or create it using arts and crafts.  Again send your pictures to our class email and a winner will be chosen from each class in the first newsletter after the Easter break! GOOD LUCK!

With all that being said:

Eat as many Easter eggs as you possibly can

Laugh until your belly hurts

Sing and dance the days away

Enjoy the great outdoors (responsibly and safely)

And remember always, just how wonderful you are!

Have a lovely Easter and stay safe.

Miss Bailey and Mrs Roper

Contact us

We are keen to keep in touch with you and your child. We would love to hear what your child is doing at home and to see photos of your child playing games or of work completed. If you have any further questions about their home learning, please get in touch via the email address below.

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to see some of the fun and hard work our children are doing at home)

Quick links

TT Rockstars

Education City

Teach Your Monster to Read

Ultimate Times Tables Year 2

Ultimate Times Tables Parent Guide

Suggested daily timetable

9am – PE with Joe Wicks 

Get your day started with PE with Joe!

9.30am – White Rose Maths learning


Find ‘Year 2’  and complete one of the lessons. It has a video to watch first to help you to understand and there is also an activity sheet you can print off. If you can’t print it off, write down your answer on a piece of paper. Afterwards, check your answers using the answer by clicking ‘get the answers’.

10.15am – Have a well deserved break! Relax, have a snack and enjoy the time to yourself!

10.45 am – TT Rockstars or Teach Your Monster to Read . Links are found below.



11.15am – Education City


If you were on TT Rockstars, try an English activity. If you were on Teach Your Monster to Read, try a Maths activity.

11.45am –  Get ready for dinner! Maybe you could lay the table to help your parents!

12pm – Dinnertime! What’s for dinner today? Don’t forget to relax and enjoy this time too.

1pm – complete one of the activities from the grid below OR try having a go at one of the SATs papers.

2pm – Have a read of your reading book.

2.30pm – Free time!



Read for 20 minutes every day.


Create a chart showing your likes and dislikes based on the book.



Write out and practise your number bonds to 10 and 20. Can you put them into a part whole model?





During our final week at school we explored the book ‘CaptainFlinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs’.  Can you write the next instalment of Captain Flynn’s adventures?  He could go on an adventure with an alien, a mermaid, a unicorn or even superheroes!


Can you add labels to your pictures?



Practise 5 of your spellings every day and copy them out in your neatest joined handwriting.


For each of the 5 spellings write it in a sentence. Use a capital letter and full stop for each sentence.

If you need more spellings, send me an email and I can provide you with some new ones.

Writing & Design


Draw a setting from your favourite books. Write a description for this setting.

All learning


Login to Education City & complete the learning tasks set.

I am adding new tasks every week and checking to see who has been on.

Reading & Art


Be creative! Share a story with an adult and create a piece of art about the story.


All learning


Login to a suggested website & use for at least 30 minutes every day.



Research dinosaurs.

Can you find out which dinosaurs were herbivores and which were carnivores?  Were any dinosaurs omnivores?

What do those words even mean?

Place your findings in a chart.



Count in 2s, 5s and 10s out loud and listen to times table songs.


Access TT Rock Stars – I’m asking you to look at the 10 times tables this week.  I’m going on each day to collect coins, who will have the most coins at the end of the week?  Don’t let it be me!

Phonics & Tasks


Read aloud your word list every day. Remember to sound out to help you.





How is your cress coming along?  Have you been keeping a log?  I bet its ready to harvest.

Try making some egg and cress sandwiches with an adult.

Evaluate the taste.  How could the taste be improved?



Daisy has been busy making and baking while at home

Riley has been busy checking on his cress, working and fitting in some play.

Lucas has been doing lots of work but has still had time to make his rainbow for the window.

Evie-Rose has been working hard with all her learning, but has still made time to make her beautiful rainbow.