Year 1 Home Learning


Hello my darlings

Well I can’t believe we’re into the second week of our final half term in year one, and home learning is going to look very different for the rest of the year as we will all be using ‘Seesaw’.

You should have all by now received an email telling you what Seesaw is and how to use it, also I have sent an email with login information and login details attached. If you have not received this, then please do email me and I will resend the email with all this information on.

Seesaw is going LIVE for Smallthorne children from Monday 8th June, so please ensure you have created an account by this time as this is where all your learning activities will appear from now on.

Also, just a little reminder that if you haven’t collected your ‘Power Maths’ book  from school that you please do so, these will be an essential part of your home learning from now on.

Thank you for all the lovely pictures of the work you have been doing over the past couple of weeks. If you head over to our ‘Wall of Wonder’ page you will see your pictures there.


Remember if you need me for anything you can still email me  but have a go at messaging me on Seesaw!

Take care and stay safe little dudes

Mrs Harrison, Mrs Cooke and Mrs Williamson



Contact us

We are keen to keep in touch with you and your child. We would love to hear what your child is doing at home and to see photos of your child playing games or of work completed. If you have any further questions about their home learning, please get in touch via the email address below.

Suggested daily timetable

9am – PE with Joe Wicks 

Get your day started with PE with Joe! Access it here.

9.30-10.30 Online English or phonics lesson

Have a go at one of the English lessons on Oak National academy or complete the phonics activities on Education City or log on to Phonics Play. Links are below.

10.30am – Have a well deserved break! Relax, have a snack and enjoy the time to yourself!

11am – Story Time with David Walliams Enjoy listening to a story by David Walliams.

Story time with David Walliams

11.30am – White Rose Maths learning

Find ‘Year 1’  and complete one of the lessons. It has a video to watch first to help you to understand and there is also an activity sheet you can print off. If you can’t print it off, write down your answer on a piece of paper. Afterwards, check your answers using the answer by clicking ‘get the answers’.

You could also try some of these games from – Early Number Sense and Games. why not have a go at TT Rockstars or Numbots.

12.15pm – Dinnertime! Don’t forget to relax and enjoy this time.

1.15pm – Education City

Log onto Education City and complete some of the activities I’ve put on there for you or try one of the activities on this page.

2pm – Have a look at Nessy, Epic or Teach Your Monster To Read 

Get Epic

3pm – Cosmic Kids Yoga Wind down and enjoy a bit of yoga!


Grid of activities (updated 1/5/20)


Read for 20 minutes every day.

Tell an adult about what you have read.


Cut some shapes out of paper – you could cut out some triangles, circles, squares and rectangles. Place the shapes onto a piece of paper to make a shape picture. You could make a castle, a knight or maybe a dragon! What shapes did you use?



Listen to the story ‘Not Your Typical Dragon’ by Dan Bar-el. Can you tell me what you would breathe if you were a dragon? Would it be chocolate? Spaghetti? Footballs??? Write 5 sentences telling me what you would breathe. Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops, and try to add some super adjectives.



Practise 5 of your spellings every day and copy them out in your neatest handwriting. Can you use joined handwriting?

For each of the 5 spellings write it in a sentence. Use a capital letter and full stop for each sentence.


Go onto the Oak National Academy website and take part in the English lesson. Click on “schedule”, select our year group and pick the correct day and choose the English lesson for that day. Just like, White Rose Maths, it has a video to watch, an activity to complete and then you can check your answers.

All learning

Login to Education City & complete the learning tasks set.

Reading & Art

Listen to the story ‘Not Your Typical Dragon’ by Dan Bar-el.

Now have a go at designing your own dragon and label it with interesting adjectives (describing words)

Will your dragon breathe fire or ice? What colour will it be? Will it have a spikey tail? Can it fly? Can it swim? Where does it live? Does it eat meat or vegetation? Is it friendly or fierce? What is its skin like? How big or small is it?

All learning

Login to a suggested website & use for at least 30 minutes every day.


Research St. George

Who was he?

What did he do?

What is the story behind him?

What link does he have with dragons?

Do you think St. George was a real person or made up?


Count in 2s, 5s and 10s out loud and listen to times table songs.

Write out your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Can you also learn your 3 and 4 times tables?

Phonics & Tasks

Read aloud your word list every day. Remember to sound out to help you.

Complete the paper sheets from your teacher.


Go outside and have fun with shadows. Make them jump, chase each other and play shadow tag. Draw around them to see if they change during the day.

watch this video and see what shadow puppets you can make with your hands.



Fancy competing against children from your own school and others across the city from your own home?  Go to the School Games icon under P.E on our Home Learning Suggestions each Monday to see the new challenge, click on the link in the document to reveal the challenge and to log your score. Any age can enter.  Good Luck!!