Home Learning without a Device

A lot of our home learning resources rely on access to a laptop, tablet or other internet-linked devices. We realise that not all the children or families will have their own device and that some children will be sharing devices with other members of the family. To help your children continue their learning without technology, we can provide home learning packs for each year group.

The Literacy Company have 3 packs for each year group focusing on writing, poetry and spelling.

The Classroom Secrets packs have a range of English and Maths activities updated weekly. Further updates are promised.

The packs can be downloaded below and then printed off or, if you contact us by the class email pages, we can email the pack to you.

No printer? No problem. Let us know by email which pack(s) you require and we can produce a paper copy for you to collect from school. Please contact the school office to arrange a convenient time to call.


Literacy Packs (focusing on writing, poetry and spelling)

Early Years Phonics and Spelling

Early Years Rhymes

Early Years Writing

Year 1 Spelling and Phonics

Year 1 Poetry

Year 1 Writing

Year 2 Spelling and Phonics

Year 2 Poetry

Year 2 Writing

Year 3 Spellings

Year 3 Poetry

Year 3 Writing

Year 4 Spellings

Year 4 Poetry

Year 4 Writing

Year 5 Spellings

Year 5 Poetry

Year 5 Writing

Year 6 Spellings

Year 6 Poetry

Year 6 Writing


Classroom Secrets (focusing on English and Maths updated weekly)

Updated 22/6/20

Early Years Home Learning Pack

Early Years Guidance

Year 1 Home Learning Pack

Year 1 Guidance and Answers

Year 2 Home Learning Pack

Year 2 Guidance and Answers 

Year 3 Home Learning Pack

Year 3 Guidance and Answers

Year 4 Home Learning Pack

Year 4 Guidance and Answers

Year 5 Home Learning Pack

Year 5 Guidance and Answers

Year 6 Home Learning Pack

Year 6 Guidance and Answers