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Whilst the school is closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we will be setting home learning activities here. Teachers will be updating activities for you to do at home weekly by 9am each Monday, so please check your year group’s page for this information.

As well as the home learning activities set by your child’s class teacher, there are many different resources and websites which you can access if you so wish. Please check the ‘home learning suggestions’ page for this.

To celebrate the children’s amazing work that has been completed at home, we have a ‘wall of wonder’ page where we will post images of work completed across the school. Email your class teacher pictures of your work for it to be on our wall of wonder.

A lot of our home learning resources rely on access to a laptop, tablet or other internet-linked devices. We realise that not all the children or families will have their own device and that some children will be sharing devices with other members of the family. To help your children continue their learning without technology, we can provide home learning packs for each year group. Click here to access our ‘home learning without a device’ page for printable learning packs. If you are not able to print, let us know by email which pack(s) you require and we can produce a paper copy for you to collect from school. Please contact the school office to arrange a convenient time to call.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any issues accessing the resources.


A message from our Principal…


Welcome back after Easter…

Listed below are a few links to videos made by Santa Claus, Dr Who and Konnie Huq that might help your children to make some sense of the situation at the moment.  It may be worth listening to them before you show them to your children to make sure you feel they are appropriate and helpful for your own child.

Santa (this is a link to a facebook video in it Santa talks about staying safe)

Dr Who (this is a link to a Twitter video where she give five tips on staying safe)

Konnie Huq (this is a youtube video describing in a child friendly way what is happening all around the world at the moment.  It may be best to watch it in sections.  This may be more appropriate for Key Stage 2 children, however the first few minutes may also be helpful to some younger children)